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The Song of Wandering Aengus
W.B. Yeats

I began the ADPRIMA site early in the fall of 1997.  At the time I was an associate professor in the College of Education at Florida Atlantic University.  It was certainly a heady time. The Internet had really just burst on the scene a few years earlier, and I had some limited experience helping a man launch a new website called Education Depot.  I moved on, and reasoned that maybe I could develop something a little different. I love learning, new ideas, and I tend to see things somewhat differently than most of my former colleagues -- reasons enough to set out on an ambitious path.

Education  is about (as I see it) the connection between the past and future, grounded in an ever-moving, nearly unknowable present.  I see education, the creation of knowledge and the transmission of cultural heritage as possible links between sometimes disparate ideas. The totality of this is a context for my own ideas about how knowledge is created. 

ADPRIMA is about pragmatism, about what works and what doesn't work.  Over the years, the site has achieved some very good rankings on major search engines, and material from the site has been referenced by thousands of schools, universities, and organizations. The purpose of the site is to help visitors become more effective teachers and learners. That work is what drives and motivates me, and is work that is never finished. I do offer a few products that I developed, namely the Catalyst: Tools for Effective Teaching ,  and Catalyst: Dynamically Balanced Study Skills, avaiilable as an e-book from Amazon, and a novel on Amazon entitled  "The Bucci Strain: Imprint."  You'll see them mentioned on all the pages.  I am solely responsible for the content of ADPRIMA.

So, welcome to the site. ADPRIMA is a Latin phrase that may be translated as "toward the best," and that is what this site strives to accomplish.  Here you will find practical information on such diverse topics as  learning objectives, curriculum, instruction, learning, thinking skills, lesson plans, teaching, home schooling, colleges, education services, and resources.

Oh yes, Fintan is the Celtic name for the "Salmon of Knowledge."

"Anything not understood in more than one way is not understood at all."

Robert Kizlik

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