Lesson Plan on the Civil War

Teacher: Debbie Kilburn         Subject: Civil War
Grade Level: 5       Date: September 26, 1997

I. Content: Conflict can be the result of a build-up of tension rather than a single event.

II. Prerequisites: Student should be able to describe the differences between the North and the South to include information about physical boundaries as well as cultural and economic characteristics.

III. Instructional Objective: When requested, the student will describe events leading to the Civil War that will include at least 3 of the 6 events covered as well as the impact those events had on the northern and southern societies.

IV. Instructional Procedures: The lesson begins with a review of the cultural and physical landscape of the U.S. during the antebellum era, i.e., slave states and non-slave states, the importance of cotton and slave labor to the economic prosperity of the South, and the strong abolitonist feelings stirring in the North.

Next, the teacher will describe to the student the book, Uncle Tom's Cabin to include information about its author, the characters and general plot, and its impact on society.

Then, the teacher will describe the Dred Scott decision, the raid on Harper's Ferry, the election of Abraham Lincoln, the states' secession from the union, and the attack on Fort Sumter. The teacher will emphasize that these events were causing a build-up of ill feelings between the North and the South.

The lesson concludes with the teacher asking students how they would have felt during these times if they had been; a wealthy plantation owner in the south, an abolitionist in the north, a slave, a store owner, a poor farmer, a businessman, etc.

V. Materials and Equipment: Overhead transparencies depicting the geography of the U.S.during the antebellum era that include; the major exports of the states, free and slave states, and which states seceded from the union, a copy of the book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and pictures of John Brown, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Abraham Lincoln.

VI. Assessment: The teacher will give the class a written test in which the student will be asked to describe 3 of the 6 events that sparked the Civil War and the impact each event had on the North and the South. Included in the description of these events must be reference to the following: the date of the event, the location of the event, the names of at least two individuals involved in the event, the immediate effect of the event in terms of its consequences for initiating hostilities between the northern and southern states.

VII. Follow-up Activities: Students will write, direct and produce a ten-minute scene from Uncle Tom's Cabin that will include the main characters of the story. This could be a week long activity.

VIII. Self-Assessment: The teacher will review the major concept of the lesson in terms of the lesson assessment, and the quality of student participation in the skit assigned as the follow-up activity. The teacher will determine whether discrepancies exist between intended and actual lesson outcomes.

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