Lesson Plan on the Effects of the Spanish Conquest

Teacher: Angela DiMaio Subject: Social Studies
Grade Level: 5th  Date: June 12, 2000

Sunshine Strand: People, Places, and Environments. [Geography]

Sunshine Standard: The student understands the interactions of people and the physical environment.

I. Content: I want my students to understand that the effect the Spanish Conquistadors had on the New World and its inhabitants was both a blessing and a curse.

II. Prerequisites: The students should have a general knowledge about the inhabitants of the New World in terms of who they were and how they lived.

III. Instructional Objective: When requested, the student will describe how the Conquistadors affected the lives of the Native Americans. Included in the description must be reference to at least two places where they landed, the names of three Native people conquered, and at least three changes that occurred with each people as a result.

IV. Instructional Procedures:

Lesson-initiating activity: The lesson begins with the teacher introducing background information on the Spanish Conquistadors. The Conquistadors came to the New World looking for Gold, God, and Glory. They wanted to conquer and expand their settlements in the New World and by doing so, they eradicated established civilizations. However, the Spanish Conquistadors did bring Christianity to the New World as well as European culture.

Core Activities: Next, the teacher will show the class transparencies which depict the course of travel the explorers took. Also, the teacher will show the class a map of the world and point to where the different tribes lived in the New World. While doing this, the teacher will name each tribe. Some tribes will include the Incas in Peru, the Aztecs in Mexico, and the Seminoles in Florida. The teacher will then discuss who conquered the tribes of Indians mentioned. In addition, the teacher will discuss the effect the Conquistadors had on the Native Americans. Explain how the Spanish Conquistadors brought diseases, such as smallpox and syphilis, how they shoved the Indians off their land, and how they brought slaves from Africa to do work for them. The teacher will also explain that the Spanish exploration brought Christianity, European Culture, and a new way of life to the New World.

Closure Activities: The lesson concludes with the teacher breaking up the students into three groups. The teacher will act as a proctor while the students play a Jeopardy game. The game will have four categories; Spanish Conquistadors, Location, Tribe Conquered, and Effects of Exploration. The teacher will flip a coin to determine which group will play first. The teacher will read the clues for the class, and the first group to raise their hand will answer the question. This activity will serve as a review for the students before they are tested on it. An example of a clue to be used in the game would be: This tribe was conquered by Francisco Pizzaro.

ESOL Considerations: The teacher will provide LEP students with visual aides depicting the explorerís course of travel and where they landed. Visuals will also be used during the game so that LEP students can see the question. In addition, the teacher will modify her speech and avoid using slang expressions.

V. Materials and Equipment: Materials for this lesson include:

Overhead transparencies showing the route the Conquistadors took from Europe to the New World

world map

chalk board/white board

poster board

index cards

construction paper to cover up the questions on the game markers

VI. Assessment/Evaluation: The student will be given a written test in which they are to describe the effect the Spanish Conquistador exploration had on the Native Americanís lives in the New World. Their explanation should include at least two places where they landed, as well as the names of three Native people conquered.

VII. Follow-up Activities: The students will be asked to choose a tribe of Indians discussed in class, and write a report discussing how their lives changed as a result of the Spanish Conquistador exploration. They are to include facts about who conquered their particular tribe, where the tribe is from, and if that particular tribe of Indians still exists today. Students will also be asked to prepare a visual aide to accompany their report. After the students have written their report, they will present it to the class. This project should take one week to do.

VIII. Self Assessment: The teacher will review this lesson by assessing how well the students perform on the Jeopardy game. If the class has trouble answering the questions, the teacher will review the information further. In addition, the teacher will assess how well the students perform on their written test as well as their written report. The teacher will assess these assignments in order to determine if the students met the objective of the lesson.

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