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Study Skills for School Success has one purpose: to help students study more effectively
 and efficiently, which results in actually learning more and getting better grades. Period!

There is universal agreement that education, studying and learning are about personal responsibility. This highly effective, proven program has always emphasized the principle of personal responsibility as fundamental to being successful in your studies. I show you how to do it. The 2010-11 school year is fast approaching. Now is the time to start thinking about improving your grades.

If you want to be successful in school, there are things you should do, and there are lots of things that are ineffective and inefficient when it comes to studying AND learning. What really counts is not just technique, but motivation. In this program, I give you what I believe to be the ideal blend of the best, effective study techniques and ways to get and stay motivated.  Either one without the other isn't very effective.

You may not want to hear this, but in order to become successful in school, sometimes you've got to ditch your old habits and unproductive attitudes. It is like rebooting your brain, because doing the same things over and over and not getting anywhere means you have a problem! The problem is going through the motions, engaging in the illusion of studying, and thinking that's enough. I've helped countless students recognize this problem and make changes that made a big difference in their grades. There's studying, and then there's effective studying.  Success in school requires effective studying. Effective studying results in learning.

As a middle school and high school teacher, university professor and adviser to over 500 college students in my career, I developed and administered over 1000 tests, including multiple choice, matching, fill-in the blank, short answer, essay, reports and projects. I've also read and graded many thousands of papers, essays, doctoral qualifying exams, and reports, and proofread doctoral dissertations. When it comes to studying and learning, I know what works and what doesn't.  I have seen it first hand.

Whether you're in a technical school, high school or college, the bottom line is LEARNING. If you are returning to school after a career, and after many years away from the academic setting, this program can be invaluable. It's your grades and your future that are at stake. The 2010 Study Skills for School Success contains new information, a new layout and a new section on how to get better math grades. It is a replacement for the very popular ADPRIMA Monster Learning Skills program.  It will show you what really works and what doesn't so you don't waste your valuable time. That's the main idea behind this effective program that runs on your computer and also includes a printer-friendly version. The program is written in html, the most popular language for web pages, which means you can easily adjust the settings of your browser to suit your viewing preferences. Study skills programs from ADPRIMA are used by hundreds of schools and colleges and thousands of students.

ADPRIMA'S study skills page is ranked #1 by Google and Bing for an  "effective study skills"  search. For just plain old "study skills" it is ranked 5th on a list of over 3 million web pages, and we take great pride in that. Study Skills for School Success contains a greatly enhanced version of all the information in the ADPRIMA study skills page, but has much more depth and coverage as well as new, essential topics.

See for yourself. Check it here:
Effective study skills:

Study skills:

The program run in any web browser and contains the following sections: Click on any of the links to get a description of that section. Overview.  What Type of Learner are You?  Learning Temperaments. Making a Schedule and Sticking to It.  Writing Reports, Papers and Themes.  Study Tactics.  Power Study Tips.  Study Tips from Students.  Test Anxiety.  How to Get Better Math Grades.  Final Exams.  Summary.


  Study Skills for School Success works!  It is written in plain language to be understood and actually help students
  Use the program whenever you want - study it at your own pace
  Includes a printer-friendly version so you can keep a copy in your notebook for easy reference
 Improve your learning skills - proven techniques to help you get better grades
  Easy to use, understand and apply - learn how to study smarter, and not just harder
  The best information all in one place about how to study and learn - what works and what doesn't work
  Now includes a special section on how to get good math grades
  Author has over 35 years in all levels of education: middle school and high school teacher, college professor, director of student academic services, and adviser

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Study Skills for School Success is available in three formats:

1. As a download that works with all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 7. The program will install itself on your computer and runs in any web browser. Download it today and get started in minutes!

2. As a download ZIP file that requires a program such as Stuffit Expander that works with Apple Macintosh based computers.

3. As a CD** that will start the program when inserted into a CD drive, or it can be started manually. The CD works with all versions of Windows as well as with any MAC operating system.


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** The permanent labeled CD version is made on the highest quality CD media. 

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