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Catalyst: Tools for Effective Teaching 2.0 from ADPRIMA is an upgrade to the Effective Teaching Power Pack 3.0 program. It contains all the information of that program plus new examples and information, a new exercise on writing learning objectives, and a new section on dealing with cheating.

A catalyst is a substance or process that causes change without itself being changed. That is the idea underlying this program. It is written with you, the user in mind. It is written to help you understand, learn new skills and make the changes that will set you on the path toward becoming a professional teacher.

When you are seeking a position as a new teacher, the more practical skills and knowledge you bring to the application process, the better your chances are of being hired. That said, Catalyst: Tools for Effective Teaching 2.0 can provide you with skills and understandings to help you secure a position, or, if you are a new teacher, help you make your early experiences pay off. It's really about the fundamentals, especially your ability as a teacher to think, plan, communicate clearly, and execute.

This widely used, cost-effective, proven program very succinct, to the point information and exercises.  Your satisfaction is very important, so please take the time to read this page and the description of the program components before making a decision to purchase. The components of the program are:

1. How to Write Learning Objectives (the largest, and core component of the program) - a new exercise is added.
2. How to Write Effective Lesson Plans
3. Teaching for Understanding
4. How to Write Assessments based on Learning Objectives 
5. Teaching Methods: Pros and Cons
6. Quick Tips on What Works in Teaching
7. How to Select Instructional Programs
8. Classroom Management Fundamentals
(some of the best advice from over 50 years of successful teaching experience - National Board Certified teachers share experiences and methods) -- includes a new component on dealing with cheating
9. Classroom Management Traps
10. How to Rank Priorities and Goals

Please click here for brief descriptions of these program components    

This program is a set of serious, practical tools that address knowledge and skills that all teachers must have. This proven computer based program features effective exercises, examples, and information not available anywhere else, including the Internet The program is written in html, the most popular language for web pages, which means you can easily adjust your browser settings to suit your reading preferences. It is structured in a way that facilitates understanding and skill building regardless of level or experience as part of college courses or as a self-learning tool.

Credibility is important! For many years ADPRIMA pages on such topics as "lesson planning," "behavioral objectives," "classroom management," "thinking skills," "assertive discipline," "educational measurement," "how to write an assessment," and "becoming a teacher" have ranked at or near the top on Google searches, and more recently, searches on BING. Search engine rankings are subject to change, but overall ADPRIMA pages are referenced by thousands of sties.  ADPRIMA information is referenced in hundreds of published papers.

The information in the program is based on the author's more than 35 years in education, including classroom teacher, curriculum writer, program evaluator, researcher, consultant, college professor and administrator. The processes and exercises in the program have been taught to thousands of students in college courses and used in hundreds of workshops and in-service training programs for teachers. It's not just theory, but lots of guided practice, feedback, examples and explanations. New teachers, education students, curriculum developers and staff development specialists can use this program to learn new skills or broaden and deepen existing skills. If you are an education professor, this program provides an inexpensive, highly effective resource for your students.

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Catalyst: Tools for Effective Teaching 2.0 is now available as either a CD or a ZIP file download

Ordering Information

15.95 Self-instructional CD with FREE same-day shipping and handling. CATOOLS2CD (WINDOWS OR APPLE) NOTE: The CD version is shipped only to addresses in the United States, or military APO addresses.  The CD media is produced from the best quality materials.

DOWNLOAD VERSION for Apple or Windows $10.95
The download version is available as a ZIP file.  When you make payment to PayPal for $10.95, you will be directed to the file to download.  Any ZIP file extractor will unzip the file to the directory of your choice. Make sure the diretory you choose is a new one. The name is up to you. I like to use something like C:/teachtools as the directory name.
To run the program, point your browser to the directory, and click on the file named actet1.htm.  Your program will automatically start in your browser.