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Non-Education Reading Recommendations

The following links to Amazon will take you to Kindle books and authors that I have read and recommend.

I am an avid reader, averaging about 40-50 books per year.  The books and authors I recommend brought me some pleasure, enlightened me, or provided me with a sense of wonder. It is a mixed bag, to be sure. There are included such categories as political and social opinion, adventure, thrillers, science fiction, history, and mystery.  Read about them and perhaps you'll find a book or two that strikes your fancy.

These recommendations are in no way meant to ignore the greats such as Tolstoy, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Harper Lee, or even Capote, but rather to focus on lesser known, but in my opinion, good writers and good stories,

Bob Kizlik

Get a Kindle Now!  You'll need one to read and there is a great selection

James Rollins - If you like thrillers...
Jeremy Robinson - great adventure/thriller stories

Evan Thomas - history at its best
 -- they're all great reads.
Stephen Ambrose  - one of the premire historians of WWII.

David Baldacci - great mystery and adventure.
Bob Mayer - the best Area 51 series ever. 
Philip Jose Farmer - great science fiction, beautifully written and imagined.
J. A. Konrath  - quirky, cool and very entertaining mysteries. One of my "go to" guys.
Christopher Hitchens - Now deceased, but still an excellent writer with contrary views on everything.
J. R. Rain - vampires with heart, zombies, and lots of good fun, eary reading.
J. Robert Kennedy - a great new writer of action/adventure stories. I read one and wanted more.
Dan Brown - Beginning with the Da Vinci Code, I was hooked.
Douglas Preston - the Pendergast stories are really great reads.
Greig Beck - The First Bird triology is exceptional.
Carl Hiaasen - You'll never think of Florida in the same way. Beyond funny.
Richard Bard - thought provoking adventures, especially the Brainrush series.
A. G. Riddle  - a great, imaginitive new author.
Max Overton  - wonderful historical fiction.
John Lyman  - really good religious fiction, evil plots and deep secrets within the Vatican.
James Lee Burke - An extraordinary mystery writer - unforgettable SW Louisana settings.
John Connolly  - one of the very best thriller and mystery writers. Charlie Parker - the most complex detective in literature.
Michael McBride  - Really very interesting mystery and adventure, and an excellent writer to boot.

"Anything not understood in more than one way is not understood at all."

A thought-provoking thriller novel I wrote for the Kindle: The Bucci Strain: Imprint

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