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School Safety Information

School safety is a major concern of parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, citizens of all persuasions, and most of all, children. These concerns run the gamut from the need for schools to have safe playground equipment to real worry about bullying, physical assaults, actual physical injury and death.  A terrible price is paid by children in this environment.  Concern about the physical safety of their children is major reason some parents choose to provide home schooling for them. It seems that almost weekly there are news stories about actual and planned murders of students by students and teachers by students. The terrible lessons of Columbine in 1999, the 2005 shootings at Red Lake Minnesota, the 2011 shooting in Omaha, and of course Sandy Hook in 2012 underscore the dangers that teachers and students face, even in the most unlikely of locations.

There is not now, nor will there ever be an end to opinions, programs and recommendations about school safety. It is a multicausational problem rooted in the culture itself and is not easily defined. Anti-social and narcissistic attitudes, a sense of entitlement, a disregard for the value of authority and rules, and a lack of willingness to enforce consequences all contribute to this problem.  Some kids feel alienated and act out their anger in the worst possible way. Teachers worry for their students and for their own physical safety. Parents worry about everything. So here we go.  The ADPRIMA website offers the sources below that have helpful information about school safety, as well as practical advice about reducing violence in the schools. 

Criminology Resources to School Safety and Violence | Criminology
A Time Line of Recent Worldwide School Shootings
Results of a 1999 CNN Poll on School Safety
National School Safety Center

North Carolina Crime Prevention Website
An Overview of Research on Girls and Violence
Improving School Violence Prevention Programs Through Meaningful Evaluation
Trends and Issues: School Safety and Violence Prevention
Developing Social Competence in Children

Annual Report on School Safety
White House Conference on School Safety 1998

Keep Schools Safe Organization
Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 1998

Choices in Preventing Youth Violence

Back to School Safety Tips - Look for Hidden Hazards
Statistics & Quotes Involving School  Safety
APA Warning Signs of Teen Violence
Home Security Information

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