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Home Schooling Information and Resources

Home schooling as an alternative to public or private school is here to stay. In addition, publicly funded vouchers for education have major implications for those who choose to home school their children as well as for traditional forms of education. Ultimately, courts will have to answer the question of whether parents who home school their children are eligible for publicly funded vouchers. I believe the Constitution is on the side of the home schoolers in this matter. The implications of all of this are staggering.

There are many reasons for the shift toward home schooling. It certainly has become an increasingly attractive alternative for many parents who are concerned with traditional education systems. Recent statistics indicate that over two million students in the United States are home schooled. If you are considering home schooling for one or more of your children, make sure you have reliable information upon which to make a decision. There are thousands of sites on the Internet that have information about home schooling, some useful, some not, and some that exist merely to espouse a particular philosophy under the guise of home schooling. There are networks of parents and professionals that can provide you with virtually all the information you need to make this important choice, not just for your children, but for you. Below are links that I have visited and found worthwhile.

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The Art and Science of Homeschooling: What You Need to Know.  A very worthwhile resource for anyone considering homeschooling.

Consumer Affairs online Homeschool Guide.  A great source of information about homeschooling.

Home Schooling - Steps to Getting Started. From, this page contains some of the best information about how to get started. There are many options and bewildering choices to make. This page is where I recommend you begin.

Spot Discussion Forum: Lots of useful links and information here.

Home School Legal Defense Association: One of the most useful sites you'll find anywhere. A professional and polished resource that answers many, many questions about home schooling.

Free Homeschooling Resources  A very useful resource recommended by a homeschooling mom

The Educator's Reference Desk The Home Schooling section of this site has some outstanding resources for those considering whether or not to home school their children. This is a great source for tutoring assistance in all subjects in most states. Check it out!

Homework Help  A very good source of information that was recommended by a visitor to this page. Lots of helpful links for the homeschooler.

Home Schooling Information Independent guide illustrating everything there is to know about home schooling including information to help parents choose the proper curriculum for their children as well as teaching hints and resources.

A To Z Home's Cool This is an excellent resource. Very comprehensive and filled with little tidbits that are off the beaten track.

Other Recommended Resources. A list of resources available from


Math Resources for Home Schoolers

Try one of the following math study guides. They were written by my wife, Dr. Sandy Kizlik, a National Board Certified Teacher with over 35 years experience. Hundreds of thousands of copies of these guides have been sold and used throughout the world in the past five years. They are available from for $3.95 each. The descriptions are from Amazon.

dot Algebra 1 It's an Arabic word, "algebra", but, let's face it, it's "Greek" to most people. Not anymore. The Algebra I chart lays out all the basics clearly and concisely.

dot Algebra 2 So you've mastered Algebra I? There's more . . . a lot more. Superbly illustrated visuals, take you through Graphing, Conic Sections, Problem Solving, plus much more.

dot Math Review Nothing fancy. Just a brilliant display of color and words that cover all the basics of math in one place at one time. Invaluable for pre-test taking. A must for remembering and reviewing the myriad basics you learned throughout the years. Remember Set Theory? Forgotten how Integers or Real Numbers operate? Need a color graphic guide to remembering Geometric Formulas? No problem. It's all here... and more! Some of the topics included are: Set Theory, Properties of Real Numbers, Sets of Numbers, Operations of Real Numbers, Operations of Integers and Fractions.

A Personal Opinion about Home Schooling. This is a brief statement about home schooling and education in general that you might find interesting.

An Account of Parents who Successfully Combined Home Schooling and Traditional Schooling. You will find this account to be a practical and successful way to deal with inadequate traditional school experiences.

There are many other areas on the ADPRIMA site that might interest you, and you are invited to take a look, get what you want, and let us know what you think. The link below to the Discussion Forum is especially useful. There are numerous messages about home schooling. Your opinion is important and valued.

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