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Education Journals

This page has links to education journals that merit your consideration. Although I try to keep up with them, sometimes, sadly, such journals often have fleeting lives. If any of the links below do not work, please let me know. Thanks.

General Education Journals

School Board Journal
Leadership - the online Journal
Current issues in Education

Education Policy Analysis Archives
Educational Theory
Harvard Educational Review 
Educational Leadership
Journal of Education for Students Placed At Risk
Teachers College Record
OERI Bulletin

Journals Dealing with Technology and Distance Education

Electronic Journal of E-Learning
Educational Technology & Society
Informing Science

International Journal of Educational Technology (IJET)
The Internet and Higher Education
Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks

Journal of Interactive Learning Research


Selected On-Line Education Journals

IMEJ: Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced
American Educator
Electronic School Online
Educational Insights
JSD: Journal of Staff Development
Internet TESL Journal
Rethinking Schools
Journal of Technology Studies
Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation
Teachers College Record
T.H.E. Journal Online
Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education

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