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Safe Web Sites for Parents and Children

Updated April 1, 2017

The Internet: so much and yet often so little.

Worthwhile information on almost any subject, as well as resources on the Internet are available to anyone. However, separating the wheat from the chaff can be time-consuming for both parents and their children. ADPRIMA has found the sites below to be kid-friendly, parent friendly, and worth visiting. If you have a site you would like to see added to this list, please send me some e-mail. Let me know the page you are recommending.

Dr. Bob Kizlik

Finance Sites for Kids: This is a great collection of resources to helps kids learn about business, personal finance, and economics.

Discovery Channel Online: An invaluable resource for kids and parents.

Cricket Magazine Group is a wonderful assortment a on-line magazines for kids of all ages, featuring everything from science to literature. Great writing, great artwork, great audio and great content are hallmarks of these award-winning magazines.

Kids Discover is a website that contains a list of  titles in different subject areas, as well as free resources for teachers and interactive games for kids. It has been given awards and Kids Discover Magazine has been published since 1991.

Teaching Your Child offers advice and a range of activities for literacy, numeracy, behavioral issues and social and emotional well-being

Poetry Speaks to Children. Not a website, but one of the most wonderful resources for children of all ages, this is a book and accompanying CD that has over 90 poems by contemporary poets and voices from the past including Pope, Yeats, Poe, Tolkien, Carroll and Shakespeare. Richly illustrated, this book and CD will surely become a treasured favorite of your children. Click the link to read more about it. Order it here today.

Pauly's Playhouse. A spectacular resource for kids ages three and up. Great games, fun, and things to do. Wonderful, wonderful!!!

Chevron Cars. This is a website full of activities for children. There are some very neat interactive features, puzzles, quizzes, etc.

Educational kids websites that rightfully excel. Resource meant to help parents embrace and promote acquiring knowledge as it makes it easy to find exceptional websites for kids.

Environmental Education for Kids. The State of Wisconsin has put together a fantastic site for children of all ages.

Kid Times A great site. Kids can write and read stories. Well worth a visit. I liked the idea very much.

Desert Life in the American Southwest A very well designed site with a wealth of information.

Crayon Kid's Site has some rather neat stuff for kids of all ages.

Interactive Frog Dissection An online frog dissection tutorial brought to you by the University of Virginia's Curry School of Education.

The MAD Scientist Network The MAD Scientist Network has close to 400 volunteer scientists who answer questions.

Cats! From National Geographic Just about everything you'd want to know about cats. A great resource.

Information Please Almanac Go here to get to all kinds of neat stuff.

Family Fun There's a whole lot of great activities from Disney for kids here - games, adventures, and challenges.

Cells Alive: Really neat images of cells.

Education World is a search engine that will take you to education-only sites. Featured are such things as Cool Schools and "The Experts Say."

National Geographic Web Site for Kids is a great a place for information. Adventures, quizzes, contests, photography exhibits, experiments, and off-line discussions with scientists, explorers, and photographers. There are even lesson plans!

Education Place a site that has many activities and resources for children.

Stone Soup is a magazine written and illustrated by kids from the ages of 8 to 13. Kids can submit their own stories and drawings.

KidsCom is a members-only (free membership) site for kids that includes games, crafts, Q&A, a graffiti wall, a writing area, pen pals, a parent-teacher area, and much more.

Parenting Q&A is an information site for parents that contains answers to hundreds of questions ranging from child development issues to fatherhood to pediatric health.

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